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Our team is based in the Greater Toronto Area. We are well educated and have years of experience as it relates to Art Direction, Graphics and Logo Design.

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Our Process & Workflow

A logo can be created by anyone. But it’s important to find the right agency to personalize your logo. Your logo is the foundation of your brand identity. The logo’s colours and font elements will translate from your logo onto all of your branding materials – letterheads, business cards and flyers.

Portfolio & Pricing

Project Research

We aim to understand your story so that we can begin to connect your brand’s identity to your logo. This will ensure we choose the correct colours, tones and fonts.


Searching for Inspiration from some of the top businesses’ logos and noticing how simple they are, easy to interrupt and read. Observing some of your competitor’s logos is a good place to start.


At this stage, we’re ready to build. We will bring your vision to light. Style, uniqueness, image, readability and creativity are what we will bring to the table.

Our Logo Design Portfolio

We aim to provide excellent service for all your web and graphic design needs.  To begin with, check out our web design portfolio, testimonials and affordable web design prices below.

Web Design Agency in Toronto
Web Design Agency in Toronto
Web Design Agency in Toronto

Graphics Design Prices

Please note that there are additional costs for printing based on clients’ needs. The above prices are based on the design of the graphic design. Additional printing costs may vary based on size, finish and quantity etc. Rush jobs will incur further charges.

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